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  • Testimonials

    Jiwan Luitel

    It was my pleasure to meet my friend "Rijan" and his IT company members , who supported me to built my Personal web portal, apps for both android and iOS . I am glad towards their support abd wish them success in future .

    Surendra Golcha
    GOlcha Organization
    Hulas Motors

    Since from the beginning of company , we were looking for someone to showcase our product through online (website) . Inbox IT always made our dream come true with their designs and support they provided to us.

    Diwakar Thapa
    Hulas Remittance

    I would like to thank Inbox for their continuous support and involvement for making our website updated and their offline support at its best.

    Sachin Poddar
    Saralkrit Pharmacy

    One of my good friend Rijan and his company Inbox IT made us easy by providing their web design services , our pharmacy , clinical service , some other medical sector services also is now online which will be good for our business Moto .

    C.B. Lama
    Kantipur Hospital

    We wanted some I.T company to look after all the web development for Kantipur group . we are happy that Inbox I.T Solutions involvement has made it possible for us to be updated .